In this post, I’m going to describe you how to install and use the Canva app so you can design your own images on your mobile device.

The purpose of this post is to help you grow your business using social media with ease. If you’re new canva is an amazing design tool that allows you to create beautiful graphics without any design experience or needing to learn complicated software like Photoshop install canva on your mobile device and if you’re on an iPhone go to the App Store if you’re on Android go to the Google Play Store, search for canvas auto editor to install this to your device once canva has installed you can click open you will also see the canva icon appear on your device as well.

Go ahead and click on that now this will open up the canva app and you can log in using your Canva account if you haven’t got an account yet you can sign up as a new user. Go ahead and enter your credentials to log into your camera account, once you’ve signed into canva on mobile you’ll see in your designs.

These are the same designs that you have saved on your desktop version and you can access them in York and Vermont version 2.  So if you needed to edit an image on the go you could do this from the camera app, if you scroll across the top you’ll see little icons for Instagram, Facebook Cover and a whole bunch of other components. These are all pre sized by canva with templates for you, so if you clicked on Instagram you can see all of the different Instagram templates that have already been precise for you. If you click on a design once again, there’s free versions and paid versions. Click on a free version, start editing the design tap on the text section there. If you double tap on that then you can change the text and also change the color of the text and also change the image.

So choose images from my camera roll or you can choose images from canvas library. Scroll and select an image there you can also choose images by searching for them in the search bar, and this will bring up all of the images in canvas library that you can use associated with the keyword that you’ve typed in.

You can also play with the filters on the images just like you would on Instagram or Facebook as well if you click on the plus button in the bottom right hand corner, it allows you to add extra text, extra graphics or to change the templates. If you click on the text button you’ll see the text templates that canva have the same as you would get on the desktop version, so add some there you can resize by dragging in, change the color of it really easily, simply tapping on it if you click on that plus button again you can add other elements.

Scrolling through the section search for the elements let’s say you wanted to add something or some kind of heart then add that, there once again resizing by dragging it with your fingers and pinching it and just moving it to wherever you wanted to move it now once. If you are happy with the design you click Share and canva will start to save the image for you. You have the option of saving the image to your camera roll or you can share it directly via your iPhone to different apps. Click done so let’s say you wanted to upload this image to Facebook, click on the Facebook app, click on photo and it would bring up your camera roll and there’s the image there that you just created with canva.

I could done and it uploads it straight into whichever social media app that you want to use, so that’s really cool you can create images and upload it straight to social media from your mobile device using canvas app.

If you go back to the canva app and click across the top section you’ll see that the templates will open up for each of these different elements, whether you are looking to create a logo or a flyer or a photo collage.  There are so many different templates already set up for you so all you need to do is go in click on a design that you like to change out the image, change the text change the color save it and you’re good to go.

It makes designing really easy because you can design from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and the camera app, canva have more designs coming very soon but essentially there are so many templates there that there’s definitely enough to get you started.

So there you have it a step by step walkthrough showing you how to install the canva app and how to use the canva app to design on the go.

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