Today, I’m going to describe you exactly how to get more views on your videos as fast as possible. The undisclosed, a new strategy called the sequel technique. Recently you can use the sequel technique to get 25,339 views on your YouTube videos within just two weeks.

Hence, I’m going to stroll you through the entire process, phase by phase.

Phase number one, find a popular video in you role. Your first step is to find a video in your industry with lots of views, note that the goal of the sequel technique is to show up as a suggested video. And when you get your video to appear next to a popular video, lot of people will click over and watch your video.

How do you find a popular video in your role? Two simple strategies will work great.

Firstly, use YouTube search. All you need to do is search for a keyword that describes the video you want to make. Then, keep an eye out for a video in the search results that already has lots of views. Note that you can look at your competitor’s most popular videos, and just head over to their channel, and hit videos. Then, sort by most popular, and like that, you will get a list of their top preforming videos.

Secondly, create a bigger but better video, “the sequel”. Having found a popular video, now is to create something bigger but better. Because YouTube published a little known research paper called, Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations, and this paper outlined how suggested video probably works. It turns out, YouTube focuses on something called expected watch time (EWT), It’s YouTube’s best guess of how much time someone will spend watching your video after they click on it, and needless to say, YouTube promotes videos that keep people on YouTube. Therefore, the higher your expected watch time, the better.

To show up as a suggested video your video needs to keep people watching, and your video needs to be extraordinary. That’s where this phase, creating the sequel, comes into play. With your sequel, you take the video that you found in phase one, and make it better. Or, you want your sequel to be more like Game of thrones, and less like Episode 1. To achieve this. Firstly, you create an awesome video intro, and ensure you grab their attention within the 15 second window, certainly they’ll stick around.

An intro that’s even better than the video is likely to make to make viewers sick around. When you want start a video off with something ensure the content would grab people’s attention. Specifically, let viewers know that you was going to show them how to increase their Google rankings as fast as possible. You also showed viewers real life proof that your approach works, and because your intro grabs people’s attention, they keep watching.

Next, create a longer video. Last year, YouTube promotes videos that keep viewers on YouTube, and longer videos do that best. Plus, longer videos tend to have a higher expected watch time.

Finally, it’s time to add pattern interrupts to your video. Pattern interrupts are super powerful. In fact, pattern interrupts can dramatically increase your videos, audience retention, and watch time. Pattern interrupts are something that you add to your video to change things up. A pattern interrupt can be a visual, a camera angle change, a joke, music, basically anything that’s different than the rest of your video.

The third phase, is to optimize your video. When you optimize a YouTube video, you optimize it for SEO. But with the sequel technique, you’re not trying to rank in YouTube search. If you do, great, that’s a bonus. But it’s not the main goal. The main goal is to show up as a suggested video next to a popular video.

To optimize your video for suggested video, simply, copy your competitor’s keywords. In fact, YouTube’s Creator Academy says that when your video’s metadata matches the video someone’s watching, you’re more likely to show up as a suggested video. With that, here’s exactly how to optimize your video for suggested video. First, say your keyword in your video, this is a major one. You may probably noticed that YouTube can understand what you say in your video. They understand about 90 to 95% of the words you say in a given video, and when YouTube hears your target keyword in your video, it helps them understand that your video is about that topic.

Next, you want to use that same keyword, or a variation of it, in your title. Now that you’ve optimized your title, it’s time to optimize your description. Specifically, you want to check out your competitor’s description, and use the same keywords they use.

To do this, you’ll need to look at your competitor’s tags in the source code of the page, or use a tool like Tube Buddy or vid IQ. Then, just use a few of these tags in your video. For example, I used as many tags as you could for your competitor’s video in your video, and because your video’s title description and tags matched the popular videos so well, you consistently show up as a suggested video next to that video.

How to increase your suggested video CTR. You might’ve heard of CTR before. CTR stands for Click Through Rate, and it simply means of all the people that see your video, how many actually click on it? And needless to say, the higher CTR, the more views you’ll get. To double your viewers here is exactly the process.

Firstly, log out of YouTube, or open an incognito window in Chrome. That way, your viewing history won’t affect what you see. Next, visit the popular video you want to show up next to, and take a look at the thumbnails in the suggested video sidebar.

Finally, create a thumbnail that’s different from those thumbnails. That way, you will really stands out. When you realized that most of the thumbnails didn’t show anyone’s face. Instead, they use mostly texts, screenshots, and visuals here you ensure that you stand out to showcase a difference. However, because you stands out, it has a super high CTR, and thanks to that high CTR, you video will indeed gets thousands of extra viewers every single month.

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