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In this post I’m going to be describing you how to edit a video in the new Camtasia 9, alright the first thing that you are going to do is import the media you can do it by going to the file import find the file that you are going to edit click on it, depending on how big your file is it might take a few moments to upload so after you’ve uploaded your first media you’ll notice that that button goes away you can also click a little plus sign on the screen to upload your intro and your outro so to make things easier with editing you may have it already the pre done up videos of your intro and our outro and you just have to pop them in the beginning and at the end rather than having to create them every time because that’s what you  will be using to do way back when you’re doing videos. When you have got the intro and the outro so make sure that you’ve got everything uploaded into your media bin that way you have everything ready to go on hand and you don’t have to keep uploading here and there it just makes it a lot easier. After that you then drag the video onto the timeline, this is a Camtasia 9 screencast file so you’ll notice that there are two tracks, they are track 1 and track 2 and then 1 says camera the video screen, when you click on it (track 1) it’s going to be like a yellow outline and then you are going to click the delete button on your keyboard or you can also do right click and click delete that part is that takes a little bit longer so you just click on it and then click delete on your keyboard so then you will move it up to the front and you just click on it and then while holding down you shake it on over to the front. So now you’ll notice the video is super tiny and that’s the main focus of the video to be. So you are going to take it from the corner here it was down in the corner you are going to click on it, move it to the middle and you are going to enlarge it to your liking, if you notice your videos don’t have your webcam all the way like webcam video is not the full screen and I’ll show you at the end why because we do this artistic thing with our videos. Alright so you are going to grab the corners that looks about the size that you wanted at so we’re done with that.

The next step you are going to start trimming the video so you can see in there that there in the beginning there was a bunch of just dead air and you can actually see the audio happening you are going to clip it to the right move the cursor to the area you are going to highlight it right and then you click the split key right there in the split tool and you will highlight the beginning part and click delete then you move all the over to the beginning, you will notice that were very zoomed up on the timeline Camtasia 9 zoomed up everything so that the area where you zoom out on the timeline. Zoom out right because we’re way too zoomed in so as you can see things are getting shorter you’re going to have it to about there, play it because.

The audio first before you start clipping everything, on the left hand side you are going to click audio effects, click on noise removal and drag it down and place it on the timeline, in the old Camtasia you actually had to click it and then it would do it for you. When you have added that you will see if it did anything, replay that so that the noise removal  will remove it a little bit from the background noise and it does its own auto adjustments right. If you want to play around with it more you can go to the right hand side and you can play with the gain and the sensitivity and the amount but for this video it may be OK for you.

Now you want to do this before you start getting into the crazy edits because when you have it all chopped up then you’re going to have to go and edit the audio separately and that’s going to be really annoying to do so make sure to do it in the beginning.  So clip the part there because you go 10 the intro is supposed to come in so you will go back to media and then check out where you probably start speaking again, basically what you are doing is going through and clipping out all of the dead air in the video and editing it so you highlight it to clip that and delete, this is because you don’t need that part anymore. Now you want to have the intro come in after that your little one-liner, so this is your little intro so you’ll just place this in the timeline and you’ll see what it looks like in a second. So that is your intro we usually say a line and then that pops up, so move the rest of the video right behind that intro and then press play and continue finding out your  mistakes and removing the dead air that doesn’t need to be there because you are up to two to four sales per day.

There’s a couple of pauses that you need to fix so you are going to scroll across the track and you will paused too long in certain points to get rid of that one, press stop and move the cursor appropriately click split it will looks like you start speaking there so highlight it click split you can sort of see the trend that’s happening there highlight delete then moving over and that’s highlighted clicking split and let’s see where you start talking normally again. Move the cursor appropriately highlight it click split and highlight click delete now I’m going to highlight this and move it over so you can see there’s a pattern happening there and you just want to do this throughout your entire video until you get to the end, highlighted click split and then what do you say over there either way you are happy.

Okay so you want that line in there move the cursor highlight it click split highlight it click delete move it over then I end speaking right there it’s already highlighted click the split and let’s see what you say over there pretty excited because like you mentioned you know we were ok start from there so you moved to the cursor clicking highlight split clicking to highlight it clicking delete and moving it over so now you are going to do this for the rest of the video you are going to pause it right here and then you will  come back after you are done and show the rest of the editing. When you finished going through the entire video chopping out all the pauses and mistakes and the breaks and this is what you’ve got a video drag your homemade outro video. You can put that there right at the end because that’s where you know when you are done with the video and then it goes into your outro play it and you will see how it goes after you have done that you head over back to the beginning and there’s a couple things that you are going to do.

So right after the intro you need to do a transition, so you are going to click on transitions and do a fade through black so if you hang over you will see what it does it is the normal fade that is fade through black circle stretch you will see that so you just do the fade through black it’s more professional one it’s just likes very subtle but it’s like those little things that you do on your video that make it look professional.

You are also going to add that to the video and see if you can press play, you couldn’t really see it but it will happen the thing is when you start doing a lot of edits on Camtasia it starts to get a little bit problem that’s okay that’s it the software itself but the faith or black will still show up.

All right so now you have done that you would like to add a color background but not the entire thing and so you are going to click on annotations and then head over to the shapes it’s the shapes tab there and then you are going to just drag it down to the bottom will place it right there move it over a bit, you can change the color so you are going to head over to the right and choose one of the colors, you can choose any color you want you can you can select a color from an image if you want to get the exact thing you can click mode there and if you have the RGB like the numbers of it you can input that as well if you want to do a ballpark there and just go around there and then once you clicked that you will click out of it and then stretch the rectangle so that it comes out and you can see it. So you are going to stretch it out there and then you hold down and place it at the Center when you see two yellow lines it’s in the center so after you have got that click out there and you’ll see it’s kind of like it frames the video but when you put it behind there it will just looks a little bit more professional, shorten that a little bit but a little bit shorter and then Center it click out okay and stretch it out and you will just play and see what it looks like.

So with that it will looks good you want it to stretch it for the entire video, zoom out a bit so you don’t have to scroll all the way through and make sure that is highlighted and drag it all the way across until just before the outro you don’t want it to go in the outro because it’s not for that so you will just make sure you click over there. It will looks good so that is typically how you edit a video when you do it more and more often it will get a lot quicker and you’ll be a lot faster doing.

This was a basic edit now you are done so the next thing is to render the it and have a final video, head over to the top and click Share, click local file and click on the drop down sign and click on mp4 only up to 720 HD. There are a bunch of different modes that you can choose 1080 you can choose 1080 but 720 HD is going on YouTube and 720 will be good enough for it so click 720 click that click next and then name the video, click finish and wait the video to perform rendering.

So the video is done and you’re going to have a window pop up click open production folder, click out of that and click X you will click save drag the video on to your desktop and now this video is ready to be uploaded onto YouTube. So that is how you edit a video on Camtasia 9.

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